Is the work safe in Germany?

Germany is still one of the most attractive destinations of economic emigration for Poles. This is related not only to the amount of earnings in this country, but also with its geographical proximity. Although safe work in Germany is a dream of many Poles, the reality unfortunately looks less optimistic. Going to work in Germany, especially without knowing the language and the laws which prevail there, can be not only difficult, but also very risky. How to not be deceived by a dishonest employer or illegal middleman and how to find a safe job in Germany?

Are you looking for work in Germany? Be careful!

You can find many job offers in Germany in the internet. Just enter “seasonal work – Germany”, “perform services – Germany” or “contracts – Germany” in the search engine and you will find hundreds of ads from employers and agents. There is certainly plenty to choose from, but keep in mind that most of these ads can simply be a scam. Nobody verifies them, and the scammers are just waiting for unaware Poles who are lured by the promise of above-average earnings. Unfortunately, safe work in Germany is not as easy to find as offers offering this type of work. For credulity, you usually pay a very high price, not just in money. Threats that await Poles looking for work are unfortunately not uncommon. In the best case scenario, we can simply be deceived by a dishonest employer who does not pay us the salary due. However, this is not the only danger. Dangerous illegal work, no insurance and pension contributions, problems with accommodation, inhumane employment conditions, scope of duties other than contractual agreements, and even disappearances and human trafficking – this is unfortunately happening and worse – this is not uncommon.

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