Problem with recruiting staff in so called “Employee market”.

In order to avoid problems related to recruitement of an employee, turn to professionals.

Recruiting new employees in today’s employee era – how to avoid problems?

Entrepreneurs who are faced with finding an employee with specific qualifications are set for not an easy task nowadays. We are dealing with an employee’s market, where it is not the employer but the employee who can select offers. How to avoid problems related to the lack of hands to work? Acquiring new employees is worth commissioning to an experienced employment agency such as Euro-Kontrakt.


Employee market – what does this mean for the employer?

The employee market has been a fact for a long time now – low unemployment means that today it is the employee who can choose job offers. Strong competition on the market and a deficit of willing hands to work mean that employers have more and more problems in maintaining and supplementing their staff. This translates directly into problems in maintaining the business continuity, not to mention its development. The shortage of hands for work is a serious cause for stress for entrepreneurs, especially since independent recruitment of new employees is not as easy as it was a few years ago. It is not enough to place ads on the Internet for a group of qualified professionals to knock on the HR department. Independent recruitment is not only time-consuming, but also expensive, and worse – it does not guarantee finding the specialist you need on time.


How to avoid problems with recruiting new employees?

In order to use the company’s processing capacity as efficiently as possible, it is worth commissioning professionals to look for personnel, focusing on core business at the time. A good solution is to apply for help to a temporary employment agency, which specializes in recruiting new employees with specific qualifications. First of all, good employment agencies know the market well, and they also have extensive contact databases and their developed methods of reaching new candidates. Cooperation with an employment agency also means less legal formalities related to hiring a new employee. It is the employment agency that takes over the bureaucracy, the costs associated with recruitment and employment of an employee, and, if necessary, is accountable to controlling bodies. It is worth focusing on an employment agency that offers not only help in recruiting employees, but also provides support in choosing the best form of employment for new staff and legal advice related to human resource management.


Euro-Kontrakt – an extensive database of your potential employees

Thanks to many years of experience in the human resources and recruitment industry and our extensive contacts in Poland and abroad, we can offer very favourable conditions for cooperation. We have an extensive database of candidates from Poland and Ukraine, and in addition we have received permission to recruit new employees from the Democratic Republic of Congo, thanks to which we are able to quickly find employees with specific qualifications and experience. We offer various forms of cooperation, including subcontracting, i.e. the provision of services by persons with registered business activities. The advantage of this type of solution is the lack of onerous bureaucracy and in-depth controls from the Employment Office, as well as the lack of additional fees related to a new employee and the possibility of including the bill for his work in the company’s costs. Another form of cooperation we offer is delegation or leasing on the basis of a temporary contract. As an experienced employment agency, we actively support our partners – not only in acquiring new employees, but also in legal issues related to human resource management.

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