Recruitment of employees from abroad: what kind of traps await the employer?

Hiring a responsible employee with the right qualifications is a big challenge that can quickly turn into a nightmare. And this nightmare is unfortunately a natural consequence of omissions during the recruitment process. In this article you will read about the difficulties that await the employer in the recruitment process and about how to make hiring a new employee much easier.

Language barrier between you and a foreign employee

If you are looking for a foreign employee to work, from whom you do not require bilingual proficiency, then there are likely to be many candidates who do not know a foreign language at all.

Therefore, you will be forced to bear the costs of a translator: especially in the case of an interview and when signing documents.

Wouldn’t you prefer to pass this obligation on to someone else?

Transport of  employees from abroad

You should provide transport to the workplace for a foreign employee. Unfortunately, the transport of employees requires not only additional financial and time expenditures, but also considerable logistics.

Doing research on the Internet to find a carrier who will take a new employee from home, then making many calls to confirm transport. And then contact the driver who is supposed to deliver the employee to your company. You must assume that there may be unforeseen complications along the way that may cause a considerable delay in delivering an employee from abroad.

If you don’t want to have it all on your mind, consider working with an employment agency. In terms of services rendered, this one certainly has to offer employee transport to the workplace.


No time for reliable recruitment

Do you suffer from excess responsibilities, and recruitment is another duty that you have to add to the rest?

Be careful not to fall into the trap of “quick recruitment”: made of jumps, in the last minute and in a hurry. In such a situation, the probability that the employee will not meet your expectations with long-term cooperation is quite high.

An  employee who was supposed to be perfect, but he is not.

There is a long recruitment process behind you, which finally was successful – you hired an employee from abroad. It seems to you that he is perfect, the one you have been looking for it. However, it quickly turns out that this is a mistake. The employee does not fulfill his duties properly because he lacks experience that he described so vividly during the recruitment interview. And you are waiting for the recruitment process again.

In this situation, it is worth using the services of an employment agency: which has many people suitable for a given position and will quickly fill staff gaps in your company.

What does cooperation with an employment agency give you?

– Recruitment agency verifies the skills and qualifications of the candidates in detail.
– If necessary, quickly find another employee from abroad with specific competencies so that your company does not suffer losses.
– Employment agency reduces the cost of hiring a new employee, which you can read about in our earlier article.
– And most importantly – all job responsibility lies with the job agency.

We hope that we have provided you with the right dose of knowledge that will make the recruitment process easier in the future.


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