Working abroad without knowing the local language – is it possible?

For many, working in Poland equals dull job offers, a constant lack of adequate salary and poor prospects for the future. And then here comes the thought of going abroad. Working abroad is a chance to multiply money, and maybe even settling in a new country. But what if you don't speak the language? Is working abroad possible? How to find the job? On your own? Or maybe use the services of an employment agency? This article will dispel your doubts.

How to prepare for working abroad?

First, think about what job you are looking for. Specify how much you would like to earn. Think about the country you would like to go to.
Searching for a suitable job offer will definitely make it easier for you to look around the job agency offers. Employment agencies often specialise in foreign offers and help you find a job abroad without speaking the local language. Such agencies also usually provide accommodation. This is a great help when you find yourself in an unknown country.

Once you see that you have chosen the right agency, first ask for a job offer abroad without a language. Notify the recruiter about your experience in selected industries.

If you already find a suitable job abroad without speaking the local language, complete the necessary documents:
– ID card / passport
– photocopy of ID and other important documents
– documents signed with the agency regarding work and accommodation
– medical insurance
– work and residence permit (some countries require it)
– certificates and attestations confirming specific skills

Working abroad knowing the local language –
it’s really possible?

If your lack of language is the only reason why you should decide not to work abroad, don’t be discouraged. Remember that language is not a prerequisite for getting a job abroad.

Working abroad without a knowing local language is really possible. You can work in construction, horticulture, and industrial production. Or doing seasonal work. In these sectors, no one will demand language from you. Working abroad, you can also use this time to learn a foreign language. In the future, this will allow you to communicate freely with others, establish professional contacts, even better earnings, and even promotion.

See what job offers abroad without knowing the local language can be found?

Employment agencies offer many jobs abroad speaking the local language and, moreover, they are often job offers abroad with accommodation and transport directly to the workplace. Among the offers you can find a job for: Roofer.

A roofer is a profession with a long tradition. However, there was a time when he stopped enjoying interest and was on the list of shortage occupations. However, such state could not last forever and today we are again seeing an increase in interest in the work of roofers. After all, their work directly protects the building from all external factors. A well-made roof covering has a huge impact on the durability of the building.

So – how to get a job in this profession? It’s best to confirm your skills with experience, and it will be appreciated by high earnings especially abroad. There is never a shortage of work, because every building must have a roof. And if you want to work abroad but you don’t know the language – that’s fine. No language knowledge required.

See a job offer abroad for a roofer.

Work abroad as a painter.

Seasonal work abroad picking strawberries.

Doing renovation and finishing works, you can usually get company car!

Painting, filling, regips, tiles, laying terracotta and glaze. You don’t need language skills for this job, but you must have experience.

See advertisement.

Check other job offers abroad on the website of employment agencies.


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